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Applications for Different Trademarks

1. TM-1: Specification of goods and services which are included in only one particular class.

2. TM-22: It is mainly for a textile trademark. Combinations of numerals, letters for the specification of goods & services are included in one item of the fifth schedule under Rule 25(5) & 145.

3. TM-2: Goods or services are included in a class from a convention country.

4. TM-52:Different classes of goods or services from a convention country under section 154(2)

5. TM-51:The registration of a trade mark for different classes of goods or services.

6. TM-8: There are some series of trademarks which come under the goods or services according to Section 15

7. TM-37:Series of trade marks from a concord country for a specification of goods or services included in a class or classes

8. TM-3:Collective mark registration for a specification of goods or services

9. TM-4:To register a certification trade mark for a specification of goods or services included in a class under section 71(1).

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • Soft copy of the trademark
In case of an Individual or HUF
  • Identity Proof
  • Document of registration if available
In case of Company
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Proof of address of the company
  • Shop establishment License
In case of partnership Firm
  • Partnership Deed

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